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Every company would have thought of switching to cloud solutions Melbourne or anywhere in the world at some point. Cloud usage will allow faster deployment and uses less infrastructure, which is quite important advantages. However, many companies are worried about choosing cloud usage because of the potential issues that could arise when data is stored there. After all, on-premise servers are much more secure at least from a physical standpoint since not everyone has access.

Still, cloud projects are becoming more and more a part of the future. Computerworld’s 2017 forecast for tech said that 79% of the IT managers and leaders they surveyed had a cloud project underway or planned. Of those using cloud services, 58% rated the business value being delivered due to using the cloud as A or B.  33% of those surveyed have said they will be increasing their spending on Software as a Service (SaaS) in the next year.

Companies can be selective in their usage of cloud or on-premise. There is no reason to have a full switch from one storage to the other. Many companies would be better served to switch back-office functions such as HR, Finance and IT onto the cloud since there are many SaaS options that can make functioning in these divisions much more simplified. A hybrid approach like this can allow the best of both worlds in some cases. Keeping on-site for critical data such as legal or historical emails can be the best option for staying in line with data privacy regulations.

Choosing the cloud also makes sense from a pure savings standpoint since less physical hardware is needed. The agility and increased flexibility that is enabled by cloud increase savings as well, so why not try our cloud solutions Melbourne.

For companies with more sensitive operations, going into the cloud may not be ideal from an operational perspective as well as a data security perspective. A company that manages to pipe in the oilfield or air traffic management would not be ideal candidates to move to the cloud since the chance of a hacker getting control, while small, is too great of a risk when putting against the kind of chaos that would occur. However, having the cloud as an emergency backup in case things go wrong is definitely preferable to no backup at all and waiting for the onsite architecture to be fixed.

However, the cloud is still in a fairly early stage of usage and developments are coming fast. For enterprises who have recently upgraded their servers, it would be better to wait till this equipment depreciates before switching to the cloud immediately, purely from an accounting perspective but also because better technology may develop while waiting and there is no real rush.

Both the cloud and on-premise have their plus points and it seems the sector that the business is in will be the main driver of the choice. It is expected also that newer and more forward-thinking businesses will lean to the cloud faster than traditional ones.

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