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A warning about Telstra DOT (Digital Office Technology)

In the past couple of years a number of our customers have had problems with their Telstra DOT systems (Digital Office Technology) and come to us for help.

Telstra DOT is a service intended for small businesses that bundles internet and office phones in to one package, internet access is delivered via traditional ADSL and the phones are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) using the same ADSL service and therein lies the problem.  The service is sold by Telstra salespeople as a money saving service but with little regard to whether or not it will work for this particular customer.

There is nothing wrong with the concept, in theory it should work just fine, in theory Telstra DOT should be able to deliver not only cost savings but also a high quality phone system for not a lot of money.  Unfortunately the reality is that most suburban businesses are too far away from their local telephone exchange to get very high speed internet via an ADSL link.

I've lost count of the number of customers who have called to tell us that Telstra have put in a new phone system and now their Internet is slow and their phone calls frequently drop out,  HELP!  Invariably when we look at the systems we find that the customer's ADSL link is running at under 15 Mb/s downstream and in some cases they simply have too many telephones on the service.

The only Tesltra DOT systems we have seen that the customer is actually happy with are those lucky enough to be very close to their phone exchange and are achieving ADSL connection speeds in excess of 20Mb/s, given that only 7% of Australia's internet connections run faster than 15Mb/s the odds are not in your favor of having a good experience with Telstra DOT.

Be warned: Telstra DOT is a viable solution for only a very limited number of Australian businesses, if you are considering using this service talk to your I.T. service provider first.

4 Responses

  1. Avatar Peter Newey
    We would like to endorse what has been said above but it is even worse that what is described! The system was sold to us a "THE" system to use and after much sorting out we finally installed the system with three phones,internet and 4 g backup (that never works incidentally).That is where the trouble started.It has basically cost us large amounts of money in lost sales...and turnover not to mention profit how you might ask...the phone does not ring...for a start, if it does ..it ring once, if you can pick up the customer cant hear you or you cant hear the customer ...IT IS TOTAL CRAP!and we know why technically. We installed Voip and skype to get around the issue ...but you say that is the same adsl line ...yes but it works much better? WHY?...Telstra does not know what it is doing and when you check their settings you find that there are crimp points or restrictions in speed and data rate .We will not go any further but it suffices to say that Telstra Technicians with their $50,000 test equipment could not fix it because they do not know what they are looking for . So steer clear of DOT and as we have an internet business we know and have logged many others Australia wide that have the same problem but did not know that were missing business because the phone did not ring and they were slowly going broke because of it.We are talking to and meeting small business owners who though the problems they were having were normal? We are looking at building a web site (that is what we do ) to gather together the complaints regarding the DOT system as it should not have been sold in the manor it was knowing that it would not work to build a class action so if you are interested let us know as we will once finished with our current business start this up.
    • Please put me on your list.....I have been constantly lied to....I have lost so much time and money because of the DOT system. I pay my staff for their mobile phones so we can call customer when the phones are down. I have recently taken on a new contract for a mobile phone which its express purpose is to sit beside our dot phone to get the messages diverted when the system goes down. The worst part is the deception that Telstra has perpetrated on its customers. I have a list of communications between myself, Telstra and TheTelecommunication Omnibusman's Office. I do not want $200 thrown my way. As I keep emailing Telstra what I want when they ask is .......just what I pay for a system that works......I don't want money I want Telstra to be made to stand up on media and say we have been lying to small business about the DOT System we sold you and we have continued to lie to you when the system kept failing. Leonie Davis Magna Force P/l SOUTH AUSTRALIA. T/A Mrs D's COOKIES, Marleston 5033
  2. The continuing saga Thursday 8 a.m 24/09/2015 approximately, Telstra disconnect the Adsl and phones to our DOT business system to do a roll back that was scheduled for 1/10/2-15 ? ??? The Telstra person was laughing and thought it was funny? If this is level of organizational structure and communication within Telstra then they have a problem and it only going to get worse. After a large number of emails and telephone conversations and a day and a half later the DOT system was reinstalled.....the phone started ringing immediately and the next 4 hours we were run off our feet taking orders? This technician appeared to know what he was doing and he said that the original dot settings were completely removed and necessitated him to reinstall the system.May be this shows that previous technicians had no idea of what they were doing. This brings to mind that this shows one major reason that we are having problems with sales and turnover ? How many business Australia wide are suffering because this DOT system should not have been installed and just how many business are not aware of the impact of the DOT system. Really just what is Telstra's responsibility. Peter Newey
  3. Adam Goudge Adam Goudge
    Sadly this is not the first time we have heard a story like this although having the Telstra rep laugh at you is a new one.