Blackberry is back

It has always been the acknowledged story that it was personal technology that eventually drove corporate IT. People had iPhones and liked them and so wanted to use their iPhones at work instead of whatever the IT team preferred to issue to them (or the other way around for Android fans in Apple-loving companies). But recently it’s starting to look like the reverse with technology that was initially for corporations seeping into the personal market in a big way (this has happened before when Blackberry had its moment of widespread presence, brief as it was).

Blackberry is back (they never actually went away) with a new model called the BlackBerry KEYone. It is clearly set up for business users as it has the customary blackberry hard keyboard and the display is not as good for watching videos as other similarly priced models. But the ease of texting with a hard keyboard is making the phone popular for people who spend hours texting which certainly isn’t limited to business users.

Another point that consumers are now far more aware of but which has been high priority for businesses is security. Samsung releases their Knox security on all their new phones and this security is meant to provide extra security. It also allows the partitioning of the work and personal parts of the phone making it no longer necessary to have a work and personal mobile. This technology was initially developed for the corporate sector but has now become relevant for all users.

Samsung also has the DeX dock which was designed for business use as well. It is quite popular with users who want to use their phone to enable home computing and not buy a separate laptop.

Cloud storage systems are one of the most common ways that business focused technology is now being used by all. Initially only used by companies who had a lot of data and found working in the cloud easier, it’s now widespread. This isn’t just iPhone users with their cloud backup and Google sync users. Fans of photography usually have collections in the terabytes and they too are making use of network attached storage. This allows both saving space and access when on vacation so they can check their vacation snaps are as excellent as they’d like without draining the camera battery with incessant reviewing.

There is no guarantee that this trend is not isolated but it seems likely that business and personal technology are closer than ever before. Laptops sales are dropping and phone prices are dropping as well. To keep consumers interested it may become necessary to tout functionality and extra security in devices since it’s no longer as much of a draw to speak of the additional megapixels anymore. The running trend is multi-functionality. People no longer want two phones and a laptop and a tablet. Having one device that can do everything is more and more appealing and it is by enabling this possibility that will bring the most enthusiasm from consumers, both corporate and personal.

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